Limousines And Taxi Insurance

Limousines And Taxi Insurance

In most states, there is a requirement that drivers must obtain a minimum amount of auto insurance, and Arizona, California and Nevada are included in these states. While there are auto insurance requirements related to personal vehicles, there are also other auto insurance requirements in place for different types of commercial vehicles. Limousines and taxi insurance is a special type of insurance that is in place for commercial vehicles that carry passengers. If you are involved in a livery business, you must obtain the proper commercial auto insurance based on the state’s requirements in order to drive legally.

Do You Need This Type of Insurance?
The requirements for limousines and taxi insurance vary by state, and you may be wondering if you need this type of coverage. It is generally intended for vehicles that are used for a commercial vehicle to transport one or more passengers through regular work activities on a for hire basis. The coverage amounts and type requirements vary by state, but generally, there are requirements for both liability and personal injury coverage for limousines and taxi insurance. While you must comply with the coverage requirements to meet the legal requirements, the coverage also is beneficial from a financial standpoint. For example, the liability coverage may be beneficial if you cause an accident in your vehicle and must pay another driver’s expenses.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?
When you are involved in a livery activity for your business, it is important that you understand the different requirements for limousines and taxi insurance. The requirements can become detailed. For example, in Arizona, the minimum coverage amount is $300,000. However, this can increase based on the type of vehicle that you drive as well as the number of passengers you transport. Each state will also have different requirements. Therefore, whether you plan to operate your commercial vehicle in Arizona, California or Nevada, it is important that you obtain coverage based on the state’s requirements, the type of vehicle you drive and the number of passengers you transport.

Limousines and taxi insurance, which may also be called livery insurance, is a requirement, and you must obtain it in each of these states in order to operate your commercial vehicle legally. The cost of this insurance can be high, and this is particularly true if your vehicle will be used to transport many people. By comparing quotes, you can find the best rate on your livery coverage.

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