Az Department Of Weights And Measures Limo Insurance Requirement

Az Department Of Weights And Measures Limo Insurance Requirement

Az Department Of Weights And Measures Limo Insurance Requirement

Arizona, like every other state, has strict requirements for vehicles for hire. The State requires registration as a commercial vehicle, qualified insurance, and an annual safety inspection. There are strict penalties for non-compliance, the first of which is denial of a license to operate the limousine, truck, or taxi as a vehicle for hire. In Arizona, the Department of Weights and Measures administers the licensing program. It licenses operators and livery vehicle companies. A single license can cover many vehicles; however, each vehicle must carry a decal, have insurance coverage, and pass a vehicle inspection. There is a necessary public reliance upon the decal and livery colors of a vehicle for hire; the public assumes that it is safe and in operation by a qualified driver.

Public Safety and Convenience
Based upon choices by the Arizona Legislature, public safety demands strict enforcement of the AZ department of weights and measures limo insurance requirement. Although the effect is to limit the number of vehicles for hire, the balance struck in favor of insurance and good operating condition clearly relates to public safety.

The annual inspection requirement procedure requires presentation of the vehicle at a designated inspection station at an assigned time. Failure to appear at the designated place and time carries a penalty. The inspection is a requirement for proper operating condition and adequate safety equipment. Failure to present the vehicle in satisfactory condition is a violation. Owners can cure defects noted during the inspection, and re-inspection is routine.

Insurance Regulations
AZ Department of Weights and Measures limo insurance requirement involves oversight on insurance providers. They must be registered and approved as commercial insurers before acceptance of their endorsements for a vehicle for hire. The policies must meet conditions set by Department rules, and companies must satisfy rules that apply to their operations. The Department maintains a registry of approved insurance providers. To obtain a license, the application must include an approved insurance company.

Livery Vehicles of All Kinds
The AZ Department of Weights and Measures limo insurance requirement is a fact of doing business in the state. Applicable to taxis, limousines, jitneys, chauffeured cars, and small coaches, it is a prerequisite to lawful operation of a vehicle for hire. The rules do not apply to buses and motor coaches. When hiring a taxi, limousine, or other chauffeured vehicle, there is a public expectation of safety, cleanliness, comfort, and driver competence. The foundation is in the administration of licensing. Owners must satisfy all legal requirements before receiving a license and vehicle decal.

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