New Limousine Insurance Programs: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

New Limousine Insurance Programs: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

ew Limousine Insurance Programs

Driving a limousine, whether it is bought or rented, is an important responsibility. Limousine’s generally attract a great deal of business, but with that come concerns about safety, damages and possible liabilities. For example, a typical limousine will take ten to twenty separate trips in a day. That is hours on the road, with twenty to thirty customers to interact with. The possibilities of a car accident, someone getting injured, and/or a liability case are high.

New Limousine Insurance Programs:

Due to the nature of driving a limousine, it is vital for any driver/company to have limousine insurance that protects them from the unexpected. No matter how careful a limousine driver is, there is no way for them to be able to guarantee that an accident will not happen. These accidents usually involve one or two other parties, and could result in injuries to the driver and/or the passengers. In such a case, having comprehensive limousine insurance will be a life saver.

Not only do new limousine insurance programs ensure that drivers and companies are completely covered from any liability, they also pay for all damages to the vehicle and for any medical costs associated with an accident.

Other policies in the new limousine insurance program are specifically designed to meet the needs of this industry. There is complete insurance coverage, along with additional income protection and identity protection policies.

Here is a detailed look at a sample limousine insurance policy:

1. All inclusive programs that include automotive liability, physical damage, employer’s practice liability, pollution coverage, and property coverage.

2. One company that can provide limo insurance, life insurance, medical, dental and disability payments, along with prescription drug policies.

3. Worker safety policies and workers compensation insurance.

4. Occupational accident, disease and accidental death/dismemberment insurance.

While a limo driver/company may think that a few of these policies are over the top or unnecessary, they can end up saving the company thousands of dollars. For example, paying an extra $10 a month for workers compensation insurance is hardly a big deal, especially when you look at sample workers comp lawsuits that result in tens of thousands of dollars in claims.

Having the right new limousine insurance programs for a limousine company is vital in ensuring the long term stability of a company. No company can survive five or ten years, especially in such a fluid industry, without a fantastic insurance policy backing them up.

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