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NEMT Insurance Arizona

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transportation. Insurance is mandatory for any business that operates to provide patients the transportation to doctor appointments and hospital visits. NEMT vehicles never have emergency lights or sirens. The businesses use vans or other vehicles to transport patients to receive medical services.

One of our trusted agents will make sure you have the cover you need to transportation these clients at an affordable price.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Insurance carriers will verify the vehicles used by businesses under the policy they issue. The insurance company will want to know the sizes and age of any vehicles used for the service. Any medical-related health equipment will be documented under the policy. The ages and driving histories of all drivers working with the business will be included.

Insurers will check to see if the company has filed any accident claims during past years operating the business. The distances traveled by the service will affect the insurance rates. The insurer will offer you a policy based on all this information.

Paying a policy in full could save 10 percent or more. Your company might save money by receiving discounts for good driving histories and no accidents filed in the past. All the information provided here can help your business save money.

NEMT Insurance in Arizona

Insurers will want to know all the information above for NEMT insurance in Arizona. A patient transportation business will be provided special coverage for general liability up to $2,000,000. Auto liability is offered at the state minimum to $1,000,000 at combined single or split limits.

Your NEMT insurance in Arizona will include additional coverage for your business property should you need it. Medical equipment will be covered if you provide it with the business. The coverage will handle any replacement costs necessary for new equipment. Insurance will cover business vehicles with deductibles from $0 up to $5,000. Worker’s compensation insurance is offered for your business. Anything your business needs can be covered under Arizona regulations.

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