Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance or NEMT Insurance

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance or NEMT Insurance

As advances in life-sustaining medical care surge, people with limited mobility are living longer, happier, more active lives. The demand for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)insurance has never been greater. Providers in California, Nevada and Arizona need to ensure they meet stringent state and federal insurance requirements to qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, as well as other insurance payment eligibility.

Of course, making sure your business is protected is a no-brainer, regardless of the law. Here is an overview of some basics about non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, California, Nevada providers.

According to the federal guide for NEMT providers, carriers are responsible for obtaining significant risk management coverage. States like California, Nevada, Arizona have their own specific regulations as well.

Types of Coverage

It’s important to consult with a qualified commercial insurance professional who specializes in non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, California, plus Nevada, or for whatever state you operate in. This list is a good introduction to some of the various kinds of coverage you’ll need to consider to meet requirements and protect your company:

• Commercial Automobile Liability
• General Liability
• Professional Liability
• Worker’s Compensation
• Abuse/Molestation Liability
• Property Liability
• Cyber/Data Breach Liability
• Loading/Unloading Coverage
• Employment Practices Liability
• Umbrella Coverage

A Unique Responsibility

It may seem like the insurance requirements for providing NEMT are scary, but when you consider the exceptional care responsibility for patients requiring this service, it really makes sense. Transporting mobility-limited individuals to medical appointments, treatments, or even to non-medical activities, requires great care be taken for the protection of all involved. Your customers may include:

• Wheelchair-bound patients
• Stretcher-bound patients
• Patients with other extreme physical limitations
• Patients who are unable to communicate or have mental disabilities
• Extremely elderly patients

Protect Your Business

As a responsible business owner dedicated to meeting federal or state requirements, as well as a passionate caregiver devoted to providing your customers and employees with the best, safest care possible, investing in NEMT insurance for your company is non-negotiable. Grow the success of your company with the correct non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, California, and Nevada. Make sure you are properly protected. Working with an NEMT-specialized insurance professional is the best way to navigate the sometimes complicated rules of the road. It will give you, your employees, as well as your patients peace-of-mind in an industry where gentle, safe guardianship is a must, from the CEO right down to each professional driver.

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