NEMT Insurance Arizona, California, and New Mexico

Are you interested in getting insurance for your non-emergency medical transportation business in Arizona, New Mexico or California? If so, you’ll want to get some quotes to see how much coverage you can get as well as what the cost will be. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Quotes are based on the specific types of liabilities that are covered. It’s smart to look around and get several prices quotes before deciding on the one that’s best for your business. Consider a few of the typical liabilities that a NEMT insurance policy covers.

Auto Liability

This part of the policy covers your business if your non-emergency vehicle is in an accident. It also covers the passengers you are carrying. If your vehicle has special features such as a ramp or a lift for wheelchairs, these will figure into your non-emergency medical transportation insurance quotes. You want to give your insurance company a thorough description of the vehicles you use in the course of your business operations.

General Liability

Another typical item on this type of policy is general liability. This covers a whole host of incidents and protects your business. For instance, say you are helping a passenger cross a frozen sidewalk to get to your vehicle and the person slips and falls. This would be covered by general liability. Or, say a passenger is injured while getting in or out of a wheelchair. This is another instance where general liability coverage on your policy would prove very valuable to your business. Ask your insurance agent to explain some other typical scenarios covered by general liability.

Property Liability

Property liability coverage would cover systems related to your non-emergency transportation such as GPS equipment, computers and communication/dispatch devices connecting home base to your vehicles. Of course, it would also cover the building where your business is located and its furnishings.
Other typical items on this type of policy:

• Worker’s compensation
• Excess liability
• Auto physical damage

Lastly, the most important thing to keep in mind when looking at Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Quotes is to make sure you have all of the coverage you need on the policy. It helps to talk with an experienced insurance agent to discuss the specific needs of your NEMT business. If an accident occurs or someone is injured you want to make sure your business is protected.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance or NEMT Insurance

When people think of medical transportation, they automatically assume that ambulances blazing down the road with sirens blasting is the only type. However, in today’s world of healthcare, there is plenty of non-emergency medical transportation on the road as well. But just like other businesses, NEMT requires insurance on its vehicles and drivers. Since most of these vehicles are fitted with special equipment and handle a variety of clients, they require insurance that can cover these special requirements. If you are in need of non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada, or California, there are certain issues of which you should be aware.

Licensing Agency Requirements
Because drivers or other staff are expected to be able to communicate with clients as well as perform basic services on a daily basis, it’s imperative that non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada, California, or other areas provide adequate coverage for any situation that may arise. This can include such aspects of insurance as:
–Auto Liability Insurance
–Physical Damage Insurance
–General Liability Insurance
–Abuse and Molestation Insurance
Since each state issues its own requirements for NEMT, it’s vital to thoroughly research the requirements for your business so that if a problem arises, your employees will be covered.

Transportation Managers and Dispatchers
Vital parts for any NEMT business, transportation managers as well as dispatchers play an important role in ensuring patients as well as employees are protected. However, to make sure these employees are protected under your insurance plan, make sure they are added to the policy your business chooses. Since Medicare, Medicaid, and various states sometimes require a minimum amount of paratransit insurance, it’s crucial to make sure a transportation manager is added to the insurance policy as well. By doing so, the NEMT will never find itself responsible for an accident, since the transportation manager will be covered.

Make the Best Choice
When it comes time to get non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada, California, or other states where NEMT provides a vital service, it’s good to research the many options so that you make the best choice for your business. As the United States population continues to age, there’s no doubt this industry will continue to grow more in the years ahead. By providing specialized door-to-door transportation for the elderly as well as those who cannot ride standard public transportation, NEMT will play a pivotal role in the lives of those who need it most.

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Cab Insurance Arizona

Cab Insurance Arizona

Operating a taxi can be a great way to make money in Arizona. People are always in need of rides to bars, to the airport or wherever else they need to go. However, it is important that you have sufficient insurance if you want to operate a legal taxi company or drive your own taxi within the law.

Cab Insurance Arizona Requirements

If you are going to operate a taxi in the state of Arizona, you must carry $250,000 of primary commercial coverage in addition to $250,000 of uninsured motorist coverage. However, this is only during times in which you are actually transporting a paying customer. Proof of insurance must be carried at all times and presented upon request to anyone who asks for it.

Cab Insurance Arizona Requirements When Not Transporting Customers

If you are driving a taxi in the state of Arizona without any passengers inside, your insurance requirements are the same as any other driver. This means that you only have to carry $25,000 of general liability for a single person and $50,000 to cover two or more people hurt in an accident. Furthermore, you must carry $20,000 of coverage to pay for any property damage that may occur in an accident.

What Happens After an Accident?

In the event that you get into an accident while driving a cab, an investigation will be performed. You are responsible for presenting proof of insurance and meeting all other requirements to act as a taxi driver or operator. Your cab insurance Arizona provider is also required to provide any information that would help an investigation proceed. After an investigation is complete, one party will be deemed to have been at fault, and legal proceedings may take place if applicable.

What Happens if Your Commercial Insurance Policy Lapses?

If your insurance lapses, you must either get a new policy or stop operating as a taxi. Your insurance company may allow you to renew your coverage automatically or otherwise alert you to the fact that your policy will lapse well before it actually happens. This gives you ample time to ensure that your policy remains valid.

Whenever you operate a motor vehicle whether for private or commercial purposes, don’t forget to have adequate insurance. It will help you avoid financial and legal penalties that can harm your personal finances as well as your ability to make a living driving your car.

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Cheap Taxi Insurance-Phoenix, AZ, NM, NV

The old adage is true. You get what you pay for. When we shop your Taxi and Livery Insurance, we not only look at saving you the most but we look at several other factors. What is the rating of the company? How do they handle claims? Will they give discounts on your renewal? Do you need taxi or livery insurance to work at the airport? Cheap taxi insurance isn’t as easy as it seems.

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